Focused Expertise

At Jothik, we exclusively focus our talent & experience to meeting your end-users’ needs capably, comprehensively & cost-effectively.

Jothikfollows a support-centric model to all its services, whether your end-users are internal customers of IT, external enterprise customers of your products/services, or consumers. This focused approach gives us a unique advantage over other "one-stop shop" outsourcing companies where the business is driven by a consulting mentality that seeks to increase complexity and of course, billing. We owe our success to our proven ability and intent to make things easier and simpler for your end-users, to continuously drive down your operating costs while driving up the quality and effectiveness of your support function and your infrastructure.

Our focused approach and robust methodology helps you achieve your strategic goals.

  • Whether your end users are "business users", a "technology engineers", or "consumers", our support solutions help you ensure their satisfaction & loyalty, and utilize the knowledge gained from customer interaction for process & product improvements.
  • Whether you have "disparate development teams with erratic release cycles" or "seamlessly integrated teams with structured cycles", we help you engineer, test and monitor the performance of your products, applications and infrastructure.
  • Whether the technology being used is "legacy" or "emerging", we help you manage the development and sustenance cycle better because of the deep & diverse technical skills of our workforce, and the wide range of our proven process frameworks.
  • Whether you have a "white board design" or "structured processes", we help you reduce "time to launch" by building in quality upfront, speeding up testing & QA, and creating a highly scalable support model that provides 24x7 coverage by web, email, phone & chat.
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